About Yi Fang

We take pride in using only the finest tea leaves and real fruit to create drinks that are both healthy and satisfying.

Our Foundations: The Story of Yi Fang

Yi-Fang, my grandmother, wedded a young farmer, marking the beginning of a three-generation legacy centered around pineapple cultivation. Their days were defined by the arduous labor of bending and toiling in the fields. In a moment of revelation, Grandma transformed overripe pineapples into a delectable homemade jam that could be preserved.


Why choose us?

Our highly coveted beverage, Yi Fang Fruit Tea, not only carries Grandma's namesake but also her cherished recipe. Within a single cup, we encapsulate the essence of early Taiwan, with its historic reminiscences and heartfelt hospitality. This concoction is crafted using seasonal fruits, indigenous ingredients, and devoid of any concentrated juices. Each sip imparts the crispness and natural sweetness of the fruits, rekindling the timeless flavor once more.

Our core value

YiFang Tea 's core values revolve around quality, local support and sustainability. We exclusively use ingredients sourced from Taiwan to support local farmers and ensure traceability to ensure safety and transparency. Contract farming ensures fresh, seasonal fruits at the heart of our products. We prioritize excellence with fresh milk for its purity. Our recipes have nostalgic flavors and our homemade jam is chemical-free, reflecting our commitment to natural goodness. Above all, we value the customer experience, aiming to inspire through every interaction.



Natural 100% Ingredients
No artificial flavor

Yi Fang Tea

YiFang is proud of the high-quality tea leaves used in all its bubble tea. Each tea leaf is ethically produced and carefully hand-picked in Taiwan and then exported to the rest of the world.

Yi Fang Fruits

Farmers take good care of each fruit that has been grown organically in fertile soils. YiFang's iconic fruit teas are made with only the freshest fruits that have been carefully selected for a refreshing and healthy taste.

Yi Fang Sugar

Yifang uses strictly selected fresh sugar cane from Taiwan to make granulated sugars. The golden sugar cane has a delicate sweetness which is nourishing and mouthwatering. It is freshly boiled every day to obtain its sweet and natural taste.

Yi Fang Milk

YiFang insists on using only fresh and premium whole cow's milk. No creamer, nor artificial powder has been added, making it a healthier choice. Every sip is delightful and tasty. YiFang also provides premium soya milk as a vegan option.

YiFang also offers premium oat milk as a vegan option.

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